We have compiled a list of quotes from doctors, researchers, and experts for you to read. If you use a cell phone, these statements should make you sit up and take notice.

“Cells are permanently damaged by cellular phone frequencies.”

Dr. Peter Franch
Centre for Immunology Research Sydney Australia

"Precautions should be taken."

Dr. Siegal Sadetzki Epidemiologist, Tel Aviv University

“The results show that children's brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term use. Their brain wave patterns are abnormal and stay like that for a long period."

Dr. Gerald Hyland Warwick University

“Fetuses showed growth retardation from cell phone exposure” - with female offspring exhibiting the highest risk of “impaired learning ability.”

Dr. Robert Kane
Author of “Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”

"When the side of the head on which the phone was usually held was taken into consideration, we found that the risk of acoustic neuroma was almost four times higher on the same side as the phone was held.

Swedish Institute of Environmental Medicine

“We have never had this kind of impending risk to society.”

Dr. George Carlo
Author of “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age”

“Cell phones will probably increase many neurological diseases and brain tumors over the next 10 to 20 years.”

Dr. Neil Cherry
Professor of Environmental Health Lincoln University, New Zealand

“The industry had come out and said that there were thousands of studies that proved that wireless phones are safe, and the fact was that there were no studies that were directly relevant.

Dr. George Carlo
Public health expert, author of “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards In The Wireless Age”

”The mother's pelvic structure promotes deep RF radiation penetration within the developing embryo or fetus.”

Dr. Stan Barnett
Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

“Unless the industry and governments take immediate and decisive steps, the incidence of malignant brain tumours and associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now - by which time it may be much too late to medically intervene.”

Dr. Vini Khurana
Mayo Clinic trained neurosurgeon, Australia National University, recipient of 14 medical awards

“There is no research being done in the United States at the present time. All of that research has been stopped because of industry.

Dr. Om Ghandi
University of Utah, microwave researcher since 1973

“Mobile telephones are arguably the most radiative appliance we have ever invented apart from the microwave oven and people are putting them by their heads - arguably the most sensitive part of the body. Human brains may absorb up to 40% of a cell phone's RF energy, and as much as 60% of its microwave energy.”

Dr. Roger Coghill
Coghill Research Laboratories

"There really isn't a safe amount of mobile phone use. We don't know what lasting damage is being done by this exposure.”

Dr. Gerald Hyland
Warwick University

“For the first time in history, we are holding a high-powered transmitter against the head. When you talk on your mobile phone, your voice is transmitted from the antenna as radio frequency radiation between 800 MHz and 1,990 MHz… at a range that's right in the middle of microwave territory.”

Dr. Ross Adey
Microwave researcher

“Molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood, while the phone is switched on, and enter the brain. We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Alzheimer's are linked to proteins being found in the brain. Because stress proteins are involved in the progression of a number of diseases, heavy daily cell-phone usage could lead to great incidence of disorders such as Alzheimer's and cancer."

Dr. Leif Salford
Lund University, Sweden

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